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These phrases refer to their way of being, feeling and acting.
Score honestly, in the corresponding color box, according to the following scale:
0 = Very rarely, 1 = Sometimes, 2 = Frequently, 3 = Always

1: I have a knack for understanding the mood of others
2: I control the time well
3: I accept myself as I am
4: I enjoy my sexuality
5: My mood is happy, calm and peaceful
6: I sleep well
7: I channel my energy well into achievable projects
8: I have feelings of fullness and well-being
9: I accept well the changes that are taking place in my life
10: I have no problem fixing my attention and concentrating on my tasks
11: I establish emotional relationships with ease
12: I wake up wanting to start a new day
13: I feel moderate security based on being myself
14: I like my job and I'm good at what I do
15: I have bright dreams, with colors and movement
16: I accept my limitations, I don't need to pretend more than I am
17: Before deciding, I take into account the objective circumstances of reality
18: My erotic relationships are rewarding
19: I am able to make commitments and keep them
20: I see myself capable of controlling and solving difficult situations
21: When I make decisions I take into account the interests of others
22: I watch my diet and do physical exercise
23: I gladly accept the authority of my superiors
24: Positive feelings prevail over negative ones
25: I do not feel digestive, respiratory or skin discomfort
26: I accept myself as I am and I want to improve some things about my personality
27: I control the time well and I am punctual
28: I know how to take care of my affective relationships of love, infatuation and friendship
29: I dress simply, I don't like to show off
30: I have sexual potency and the ability to orgasm
31: With patience, I build the means to achieve my goals
32: I am not afraid to take risks and make new commitments


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